What can we offer you?

  1. We produce films to help people better understand your product, services or story. Concept, design, 3d models, rigging, animating, motion capture, animatics, rendering, compositing are just some of the things we do. Animation is a very broad term, you can look at our showreel to get a better idea of what we’re capable of.

How much do we cost?

  1. In short our rates are very competitive. Though able and prepared to take on any size job, we keep our over-heads low so your not paying for the time you weren’t here. We will make the very most out of your budget.

How long does it take?

  1. That depends on the type of work or project. A lot of the time things that you would think costly or time consuming might not be. Why not contact us and ask.

What files formats can you deliver?

  1. We can deliver in any format you need. Multiple delivery formats are also no problem. From a HD WMV to a Quicktime VR 3D. After being in the business for 10 years nothing surprises us.


  1. At the moment we are not hiring, but feel free to send your reel in as we are constantly seeking new talent.

Do you offer Internships?

  1. Placements are a possibility, but are rarely given.

What programs do we use?

  1. We mainly use Cinema 4D, Photoshop & Final Cut pro. Though we are also proficient in Maya,  Adobe After Effects, Endorphin & Premiere.