Character Work
Telindus guy
A character we modeled & animated for an advert.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2011/12/5_Telindus_-_Time_for_some_convergence..html
Power to the People
An advert animated for television.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2011/6/27_Power_to_the_People_-_..html
Simple is good
One of two silhouette characters we put together for a tv promo.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2011/1/21_Man_in_Black_-_Back_to_basics..html
Mr Bumble
An example of an extremely low polygon character buzzing around.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2010/3/10_Bumble_Bee_-_in_low_polygon_3d..html
Toon troopers
Some toon troopers doing what they do. Make as an example for a pitch.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/11/21_Starwars_-_Full_Stop_Ambush..html
Our cat turned out to be a 3D World winner!DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2009/6/30_Feline_Frankenstein_-_A_winner..html
T600 Head
A short clip we made to promote a pre-screening.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2009/7/12_Terminated_-_Cinema_advert..html
Rock steady
A new dynamics function in C4D lead to the creation of this guy to test them out.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2010/2/16_Rocky_-_Dynamic_stone_guy_in_cave..html
New modeling techniques turning out well.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2010/1/12_Terminator_2_-_T-600_gets_meaner..html
War of our worlds
A little self promotion. Displayed on the 118m2 LED screen on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam.
Toon Trooper
A second take on the same pitch. This one made to show a tooned (outlined) style.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2007/11/22_Stormtrooper_-_A_pitch_too_far..html
Happy Christmas Mr Bond
Our Christmas card from 2008.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2008/12/24_Happy_Xmas_-_Mr_Bond..html
Polar bear with sniffles
One of a series of short looping clips we made for the Amsterdam Ice Bar.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/8/16_Polar_Bear_-_Extra_cold..html
Penguin out cold
A troubled penguin we prepared for the Amsterdam Ice Bar.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/7/25_Penguin_-.html
Getting musical
Here is a little guy we did for a pitch. Inc. a Quicktime clip.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2005/11/23_Muscial_Character_-_Rigged_%26_ready..html
Order 66 characters
What better way to test out a rig than with an interesting bit of motion capture.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2010/2/5_Remote_Rembrandtplein_-_Party_with_Firebeatz._2.html
A character we modeled & animated for an infomercial.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2014/2/16_ABN_AMRO_-_Character_Animation..html