He111 re-made for a book cover.
We came back to our old model & re-vamped it for a it’s new outing. Inc. a Quicktime VR.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2010/6/26_WW2_book_cover_-_He111_over_Britain_again..html
He111 under attack.
Our first attempt in the world of aviation.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/6/24_World_War_2_-_Blitz_over_london..html
Battle of Britain.
A three minute film we made to test some new techniques we’d developed recently. Inc. the youtube link & the full Quicktime version.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2007/12/31_WW2_-_Battle_of_Britain_dog_fight..html
Our Blackhawk down.
A test of our Blackhawk using our landing simulation. Inc. the youtube link & a Quicktime VR of our UH-60.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2009/4/13_Nice_Landing_-_Updating_our_helicopter_simulations..html
Apache Gunship Helicopter simulation.
Merging of the helicopter and landing simulations. Inc. a Quicktime film.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2009/11/4_Apache_gunship_-_Cinema_4D_helicopter_simulations..html
A10 flight simulation.
Completion of our flight simulator. Inc. the youtube link.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2009/5/7_Autopilot_-_Getting_our_A10_up_and_flying..html
A short clip of our Airwolf taking off and doing a fly past. Inc. youtube link & a Quicktime VR of our model.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2008/10/23_Airwolf_-_CG_take-off..html
VSS Enterprise.
A pitch we made when Virgin Galactic first came about.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/5/8_CGi_SS1_-_VSS_Enterprise_%28Virgin_Space_Shuttle%29..html
London during the Blitz.
We thought we’d try something a little more taxing.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2006/6/24_World_War_2_-_Blitz_over_london..html

Spitfire cartooned.

We made a cartoon version of the spitfire for the cars website Car-icature.com.

Flight Simulator.
Real flight can now be achieved for all our aircraft with some spiffy code we made.DHanimations_Blog/Entries/2013/9/12_Cinema_4D_flight_simulator..html